PROFESSIONAL ARTIST PAINT BRUSH SETS – Wide Variety 15 Piece Paintbrush Kits For Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor and Face Painting – Canvas Quality Art Supplies Kit for Artists and Kids PROMISEArt Fair Mall

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How Artists Always Paint Better – EASY

BLOP. Did you old paint brush just smear a blob on your masterpiece? You worked so hard. You love painting. But low quality paint brushes hold you back. Your art could be better, and more fun. It is all about proper painting supplies…

Because Painting is The Perfect Pass Time

– CREATE CANVAS ART – Canvas paintings, paper, murals, even body art – you and your kids will both love ALL TYPES OF ARTS AND CRAFTS
– PAINT PERFECT ACRYLICS AND WATERCOLORS – We are not all Da Vinci, but we both love painting. With long handles and quality bristles, your brushes OPEN UP A NEW WORLD OF PAINTING POSSIBILITIES
– GOOD ASSORTMENT OF BRUSH TYPES – There is small, large and everything in between – 15 artist selected pieces for all the needs of painting pros and beginner artists alike.

Why Vinci's Secret?

★ 100% dedication to artist satisfaction – love your painting brushes or your money back
★ Safe, kid-friendly design – non-toxic, easy to use and incredibly popular with kids and adults
★ Reasonable price plus great performance – we never skimp on quality, color or durability despite our affordability!
★ Amazing customer service – artists for life, customers for life

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